Easy and fast Integration of related IT Systems


The great number of PAS-X standard interfaces accelerates implementation projects and ensures seamless information exchange with all surrounding IT and production systems. Werum customers benefit from clearly defined PAS-X standard interfaces, through which PAS-X is horizontally and vertically integrated into their IT infrastructure. Integrated IT and production systems are a prerequisite for benefiting from production strategies such as Lean Production, Six Sigma, Performance Monitoring or Right-First-Time.

Werum uses the interface definitions of international industry standards (OPC, XML, etc.). Werum complies with the ANSI/ISA 95 and ANSI/ISA 88 standards regarding the functional assignment of tasks to different levels.


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Standard interfaces for seamless exchange


Werum offers certified, preconfigured interfaces working with market-leading ERP systems in the pharmaceutical industry. This way, PAS-X provides the link between the enterprise management system and the automation and equipment level.

MES and DCS/SCADA/Historian

PAS-X has standard interfaces to a great number of SCADA/Batch/DCS systems. Integration with the automation level allows a continuous information flow and an efficient control of the equipment. In cooperation with Seidenader solutions for these levels come from a single source.

MES and LIMS / Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN)

As a standard feature, PAS-X integration capability provides for synchronization between MBR elements and LIMS activities. Typical elements for integration are sampling activities and storing of IPC results.


PAS-X integrates Document Management Systems (DMS) in order to save and store printed manufacturing reports, reference SOPs for display during the actual manufacturing process and consolidate manufacturing reports with documents from other systems (e.g. logs from testing equipment).

Robert Welter, Senior Head of PAS-X Product Management, Werum IT Solutions, presents our manufacturing execution system PAS-X for the entire value chain of your parenteral production.

How does PAS-X integrate my specific IT and production systems?

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