Easy-to-operate weighing processes

PAS-X Weighing & Dispensing solution

Standardized entry-level solution for paperless pharma production

The PAS-X Weighing & Dispensing solution is a comprehensive package of software functionality, content and training services designed to improve the efficiency of weighing operations. The solution is an easy and cost-effective way to introduce electronic execution and documentation in pharmaceutical manufacturing. It complies with all regulatory requirements and in a reliable and comprehensible way documents the specific input materials, the material quantities and the time of supplying these materials on the shop floor. 


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Precise weighing and dispensing

The core of your pharmaceutical manufacturing process is the precise weighing and dispensing of input materials based on recipe specifications. In a reliable and user-friendly way, the PAS-X Weighing & Dispensing solution securely guides your operators through the weighing process and provides the necessary support to comply with safety regulations and recipes. All steps and actions are fully documented in line with regulatory requirements.

Support of all weighing operations

PAS-X Weighing & Dispensing leads the user through graphic operating dialogs, regardless of the type of scale. Weighing instructions define workflows for material and container identification which can easily be adjusted to individual business processes by simply changing parameters. Our solution supports automated dispensing and filling systems, and provides standardized interfaces to PLC systems and dispensing control systems. Interfaced with ERP, PAS-X Weighing & Dispensing administers bills of material and recipe parameters. This order-based data is processed, documented and logged at all weighing stations. Werum's longstanding expertise in integrating automated systems ensures successful equipment integration for all the different types of system components, even within explosion-proof areas.

Wireless communication

The use of mobile radio terminals for weighing procedures ensures a high level of operator mobility. Operators can use wireless barcode scan features to work at several work stations in parallel following "easy-to-operate" dialog instructions. PAS-X Weighing & Dispensing ensures that all workflows are carried out accurately and correctly, and it prevents mix-ups and errors common to manual data entries.

Getting started with MES

Werum’s entry-level solution enables you to gradually implement different parts of our MES solution. These solutions focus on specific business processes and their functionality covers a dedicated scope of related tasks. As a result, you can achieve a considerable benefit with an attractive investment and in a short implementation time.

Operators can get acquainted with the system and the new electronic processes until the organization finally is "MES ready". You can scale up the system on a step-by-step basis – to a functionally complete PAS-X MES system.

Goals and drivers

  • User-friendly electronic work instructions on the screen to guide the operator through the weighing process
  • Control of any kind of weighing operation including manual and automated weighing, dispensing and filling processes – thus increasing the quality of the weighing process
  • Generation of complete labels according to customer-specific parameters
  • Plausibility checks of material, containers and scales through barcode identification
  • Monitoring and support of scale calibration and set-up of a scale logbook
  • Interfaces of all common scale manufacturers are supported
  • Data documentation and archiving in accordance with GxP/FDA regulations for electronic records and electronic signatures (compliant with 21 CFR Part 11)
  • Generation of weighing reports and maintaining audit trails

Why PAS-X Weighing & Dispensing solution

  • Easy introduction of paperless pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Comprehensive package comprising software, content and training to ensure fast implementation and easy integration
  • Reliable and easy-to-operate weighing processes
  • Scalable: gradual extension to a full-scope MES