Werum is paving the way for digitization and IoT in pharma and biotech

Systems, equipment, and personnel have become increasingly interconnected in the digital economy, offering new opportunities for the pharma and biotech industries. Whether it’s EMI, Big Data, Plug & Produce, Smart Devices or Software as a Service, there are various concepts en route to the pharma factory of the future. However, pharma and biotech manufacturers can only gain sustainable competitive advantages if these concepts are well-integrated to ensure seamless data exchange. That’s where we come in.

Together with our fellow Medipak Systems companies and other partners, Werum IT Solutions is shaping the pharma manufacturing concepts of the future through innovative Industrie 4.0 technologies for pharmaceutical and biotech production environments. We achieve these forward-thinking solutions by combining our process and software expertise with our partners’ machine and plant operations know-how. The goal is clear: generating sustainable competitive advantages for you, our customers in the pharma and biotech industries.

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Pharma 4.0 solutions

Plug & Produce

We enable vertical integration through standardized interfaces between MES, automation and control systems – a fundamental prerequisite for implementing various Pharma 4.0 solutions.

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI)

We "translate" your production data into usable information for decision-making and improved processes.

Smart Devices

We connect intelligent, mobile, and networked devices – making the right information available at the right time and place.

“Werum’s manufacturing IT solutions for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers are the basis to continuously improve production performance and pave the way for the Industrial Internet of Things.”

Tonya M. Fowler
Director of Americas, Europe, and Africa, Best Practices
Frost & Sullivan

Connecting MES and DCS in your pharma or biotech factory
Introducing a standardized interface between Werum PAS-X MES and Yokogawa CENTUM VP

PAS-X MSI Plug & Produce Hackathon
Watch our video and learn more about the smart way to connect software and equipment in your pharma factory!

Applying a holistic control strategy in Pharma 4.0

The ISPE “Pharma 4.0” Special Interest Group has designed an operating model as a framework for how digitization can be applied to ICH Q8–Q12 and named it the “holistic control strategy”. The term refers to an integrated approach to product and process lifecycle management and ongoing change management covering both the development chain and commercial manufacturing. This Pharmaceutical Engineering article introduces the model and presents two case studies of pharma companies that have started to apply it.

Plug & Produce

Vertical integration - with our standardized interfaces between MES, automation and control systems - is a foundational prerequisite for implementing Pharma 4.0 solutions. Like connecting an electronic device via a USB interface, soon it will be possible to link a line, a system or a machine (e.g. a packaging machine) to the network in a simple, straightforward fashion.

  • Standardization reduces the complexity of integration and enables "Plug & Produce"
  • Reduced engineering and qualification efforts in setup phase and production

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI)

Our EMI solutions extend the classical analytical tool stack by uncovering previously indecipherable insights into the inner workings of pharmaceutical processes. Our EMI solutions "translate" your production data into actionable decision-making intelligence. Pharma and biotech manufacturers can make well-founded decisions that improve process stability and process efficiency, thereby increasing product quality and productivity.

  • Central collection and evaluation of data across different sources to improve product quality (process stability) and productivity (process efficiency)
  • Data assessment results in real-time analysis, standard reports and investigative analysis

Smart Devices

We connect intelligent, mobile, and networked devices – making the right information available at the right time and place. A smart mobile device enables machine operators or production managers to operate and monitor their machine or system, providing a portable window into the machine or system – even remotely. By means of the mobile, “extended” HMI, the machine operator gains significant freedom of movement and can perform tasks more efficiently.

  • Technicians, operators and supervisors can access the machine control via their smart device
  • Simplification of changeover, setup and maintenance
  • Compatibility with all systems, enabling pharma and biotech manufacturers to use the mobile terminal of their choice

Partnering to drive Pharma 4.0

Together with the Medipak Systems companies and key organizations within the ISPE DACH framework, Werum IT Solutions promotes the foundation of the Special Interest Group (SIG) “Pharma 4.0”. The goal is to provide best practice implementation methodologies, approaches and practical examples to apply new Industrie 4.0 technologies in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production environments according to current GMP and ICH guidelines.

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