Unlock the potential of your shop floor data

PAS-X Evaluations

PAS-X Evaluations helps you to unlock the full potential of your shop floor data. Use your data to continuously improve manufacturing processes and to meet regulatory compliance requirements. PAS-X Evaluations enables you to generate knowledge about manufacturing operations at any time. Shop floor personnel are able to identify opportunities for improvement and to report evidence of improvements.


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Full access to all relevant data

You do not have to worry about data acquisition. The data is already there, no matter which functionality of PAS-X you are using. You have full access to all data captured during electronic batch recording, material flow control or equipment management. Data from external systems like LIMS, ERP and Historian is also available. You can use PAS-X Evaluations in all major pharmaceutical industry segments, e.g. for vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, solids and liquids. You can analyze data in several stages of the manufacturing process, i.e. not only in commercial production but also in clinical trials or process development. The evaluation tool also provides access to data in all manufacturing areas covered by PAS-X, such as the receiving area, warehouse, weighing, production and finally the packaging and shipment area.

PAS-X-integrated and web-based tool

The evaluation tool is integrated with PAS-X. This means that as a PAS-X user you do not have to change the application to analyze your data. You can either add the evaluation tool as a module to your PAS-X installation or install it as an entry-level solution together with PAS-X KPI/OEE. Later, you can scale up the system on a step-by-step basis – to a functionally complete PAS-X MES system.

Since PAS-X Evaluations only requires a web browser, the deployment time is reduced to a minimum. It is device-independent, i.e. you can use it on your PC or on any mobile device. PAS-X Evaluations is a Werum solution. So you do not have to worry about any impact on the validation status or performance of your PAS-X MES.

Easy to use pre-defined reports and dashboards

Like all other PAS-X Content Packages the evaluation tool comes with services and content based on industry best practices. Benefit from Werum’s pharma know-how to get the best out of your data! Pre-defined reports and dashboards allow you to jump-start your data analyses. The tool allows independent data analysis. You do not have to be an IT expert to create new reports or dashboards – you only need Excel-level skills.

Goals and drivers

Stability of the manufacturing process

The stability of the manufacturing process is crucial for the efficiency and the quality of pharmaceutical products. The PAS-X Evaluations Content Package helps you to prevent out-of-specification exceptions. Perform inter- and intra-batch analyses of critical process parameters, detect exceptions causing deviations in your CAPA system and analyze trends to prevent exceptions and improve your out-of-specification rate.

Visualization of equipment efficiency

Equipment like bioreactors, granulators or packaging machines is expensive. To make sure that the investment you made pays off you can use the PAS-X Evaluations Content Package to visualize the use of your equipment. You cannot only visualize the current or past use but also the planned use of your equipment. Thus, you can make sure that your orders start as planned and you can discover opportunities for a more efficient use of the equipment. Utilize the data from PAS-X KPI/OEE to get a detailed analysis of non-productive time and the relevant reasons.

Increased yields

Analyze the yield of your production and learn more about your actual yield compared to your validated yield. Check trends and analyze dependence on products or production lines.

Reduced inventory costs

Reduce your time-to-market and time-to-volume. Detect how long your stock material and your work-in-process material are bound in the manufacturing process.

Why PAS-X Evaluations Content Package

  • Unlocks the full potential of your shop floor data
  • Helps to meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Enables the identification of opportunities for improvement and to report evidence of improvements
  • Web-based and easy to use
  • Pre-defined reports and dashboards