Smart biometric user authentication for your pharma and biotech plant

With K.ME-IN [ki mi ɪn] Werum offers a smart biometric authentication solution for its market-leading PAS-X Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

In the future, our new solution will allow users on the pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical shop floor to securely and seamlessly authenticate to systems, devices and machines via biometric means such as fingerprint, iris scan, face recognition or a combination of those.

Streamline your authentication

What makes K.ME-IN unique is that it replaces the traditional method of entering user name and password, PIN codes, or badges. Our solution will ease the authentication procedures for pharma and biotech operators so that they can concentrate better on their task at hand.

Additionally, it’s the most secure solution available on the market today ensuring that only the logged-in user is making the entries. Based on our vendor-independent approach we are able to work with any authentication system to enable smart biometric authentication for our pharma and biotech customers.

Your benefits

Boost efficiency
K.ME-IN reduces the time to authenticate into PAS-X by more than 50%. It saves the pharma or biotech manufacturer a significant amount of time through the simplified electronic signature function during the production process.

Data integrity
K.ME-IN protects the integrity of data by providing features such as auto logging off via presence detection and top standards for encrypted communications.

Regulatory compliance
The Band is authenticated by using biometrics and cannot be conveniently shared. The entire ecosystem enables you to comply with data integrity and security requirements by replacing easily-compromised passwords and badges. To learn more please read our white paper.

Improved security
K.ME-IN devices are allocated to a single user by detecting their unique biometric ID as long as they are wearing the device. Naturally, it provides easy and traceable electronic audit log.

Nymi Band™: Always On Authentication™

In the first release K.ME-IN comes with a smart wristband from the authentication company Nymi as an out-of-the-box solution that is fully integrated into Werum's PAS-X MES.

The Nymi Band serves as a wearable security device. Each unique Nymi Band is assigned during enrolment to a single user - from that time the Nymi Band can only be authenticated and activated with the assigned user's biometric identity.

Once authenticated the Nymi Band remains in an "always-on" state so that the user does not need to re-authenticate while they continue to wear the Nymi Band. The Nymi Band uses ECG for liveness detection. In addition, the band incorporates on-body detection sensors: if the sensors determine the band has been removed it switches off.

Together these aspects create a strong chain of trust that the wearer of the band is the assigned user.

Full PAS-X MES integration

To log in to Werum’s PAS-X MES, the operator places his authenticated Nymi Band in front of an NFC reader at the terminal, and the system logs the user’s intent. This procedure also allows them to provide signatures in PAS-X. Additionally, through the use of Bluetooth technology, user’s presence at the terminal is established, allowing automatic log off if the user leaves their terminal.

Business case:
Reduction of authentication time by up to 75%

The operators in a plant of one of our customers, a leading multinational pharma and biotech company, have to perform around 10,000 signatures per day in total. A single authentication process lasts 20 seconds. That relates to nearly 60 hours spend on authentication tasks each day!

Using our K.ME-IN the authentication time can be cut by 75%. This means our customer saves more than 40 hours of precious operators’ time every day – time to better spend on value-add activities!

  • Together with customers and partners, we develop new authentication concepts for the pharma shop floor of the future.

    What all these technologies have in common is that they help to improve compliance and data integrity while at the same time are very easy to use.

    Obay Alchorbaji
    Product Manager, Werum IT Solutions

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