Strategic Manufacturing Award: Werum’s PAS-X is part of prize-winning IT program of Rottapharm | Madaus

Award honors Continuous Improvement Program of pharmaceutical manufacturer / with Werum’s PAS-X Manufacturing IT Business Platform to paperless factory

Production in Dublin, Source Rottapharm | Madaus

Rottapharm Intermediates, Source Rottapharm | Madaus

Lüneburg, Germany, 19 December 2012 – The pharmaceutical company Rottapharm | Madaus has won the 2012 Strategic Manufacturing Award in the category “Outstanding Achievement in Continuous Improvement” and the cross-competition “SMA e-F@ctory Hall of Fame” award for its Irish production plant in Dublin. The prizes pay tribute to the Continuous Improvement Program of Rottapharm | Madaus, in which the PAS-X Manufacturing IT Business Platform of Werum plays an important role.

Werum had rolled out PAS-X step by step at the Dublin plant since 2009. It began with the warehouse implementation, followed by the manufacturing and packaging areas. PAS-X integrates Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and several Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

“Our goal is to achieve a paperless factory. For this purpose, we automated the processes in the warehouse, in our manufacturing and packaging areas and reduced the number of manual entries,” said Áine Tobin, Project Manager, Rottapharm | Madaus Ltd. “With PAS-X we were able to eliminate over 720,000 wet signatures and to release batches in less than half the original time. On the other hand, the inventory accuracy has now increased to 99 percent.”

Werum’s PAS-X is a major building block within Rottapharm's Continuous Improvement Program with which the pharmaceutical manufacturer continually reduces non-value-added activities and lastingly expands its competitiveness.

About Rottapharm | Madaus Ltd.

Rottapharm | Madaus is a multinational pharmaceutical group based in Italy with its headquarters and research centre in Monza and possessing branches in over 85 countries. Rottapharm‘s long history of success began in 1961 with the creation of a small laboratory of independent research. From then on, the company has always invested in research, innovation, development and distribution on a global scale of new products mainly in the field of pharmaceuticals and, in the following years, also in the fields of parapharmaceuticals and neutraceuticals.