International generics manufacturer Actavis upgrades to Werum's latest PAS-X Version V3.1.6

Upgrade in main site in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria / Extended out-of-the-box functional scope supports more efficient control of processes / PAS-X rollout to other plants planned

Lüneburg, Germany, November 19, 2014 – Actavis, the fast-growing generics manufacturer, upgrades to the latest PAS-X Version V3.1.6 at their Bulgarian site in Dupnitsa. With an annual output of more than 6bn tablets, Dupnitsa is one of the largest manufacturing facility of Actavis worldwide.

After running the existing PAS-X MES for three years, the company decided to upgrade to PAS-X V3.1.6. This will enable them to better manage and control their comprehensive internal logistics and increase the efficiency of the manufacturing processes – decisive advantages on the highly competitive generics market.

“PAS-X V3.1.6 offers a significant increase in functionality. This enriched toolset gives us the ability to do exactly what we want and eliminates any need for customization”, says Brandur Hauksson, Validation Manager, Actavis.

Actavis intends to roll out Werum’s PAS-X to other sites around the globe.