Efficient manufacturing processes with new generic MBRs for Werum's PAS-X

Simplified recipe maintenance / significant reduction in number of MBRs

Rolf Blumenthal, Senior Director of Consulting & Product Management, Werum Software & Systems AG

Lüneburg, Germany, 10 July 2012 – Werum Software & Systems AG, the market leader for Manufacturing IT / Manufacturing Execution Systems for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, extends its offer and introduces Generic Master Batch Records (GMBRs) for its PAS-X Manufacturing IT Business Platform. The new PAS-X function was initially successfully implemented for a pilot customer and now helps customers from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to considerably streamline the management of their Master Batch Records (MBRs).

The GMBRs from Werum reduce the number of MBRs by combining processes which always have the same workflow and only differ from each other in the values of their parameters. This especially applies to the field of packaging, where there are a large number of different MBRs due to the many product variants, for example with regard to the number of pills, the language version of the package insert or of the packaging to be used. When using GMBRs, PAS-X retrieves the current parameters for the specific order from easy-to-maintain lists or adopts them from the integrated Enterprise Resource Planning System.

The benefits of GMBRs for the customer primarily lie in the reduced administrative effort and the easier maintenance of the MBRs, and therefore in much more efficient processes.

“Companies using hundreds or even thousands of MBRs in their production processes are faced with the urgent question who is to continuously maintain them all,” says Rolf Blumenthal, Senior Director of Consulting & Product Management, Werum Software & Systems AG. “With our new PAS-X function we have succeeded in reducing the number of MBRs to 20 for a customer with 2,000 packaging products."